LGED, Rajshahi, Notification of Award

Project/District/Unit Title Description Agriment Date Tender No Type Deatils
Rajshahi, Mohanpur See in the File Package No. W2-1142, W2-1143 05/09/2012 works Details
Rajshahi, NOA See in the File Package No: W-101 to W-108 17/10/2012 19/2011-12 works Details
Rajshahi, NOA M/s. Hossain Enterprise Package No. RBCTRHD/RAJ/R-05/2012-13 01/11/2012 works Details
Rajshahi NOA See in the Details Package No IDB-Raj-14/1 and IDB-Raj-12/1 03/03/2013 11/2012-13 works Details
Rajshahi NOA PSSW see in the details Rajshahi NOA PSSW 12/05/2013 works Details
Rajshahi NOA Agradhikar(MP) see in the details Rajshahi_NOA_Agradhikar(MP) 05/05/2013 works Details
Rajshahi NOA GRDIRDP(IDB) see in the details Rajshahi_NOA_GRDIRDP(IDB) 15/04/2013 works Details
Rajshahi Bagha NOA W2.1884 M/s. Sarker Enterprise Package N0.- PEDP-III/Raj/Bag/2012-13/W2.1884 30/06/2013 works Details
Rajshahi NOA IRIDP See in the details W-150, W-148, W-147, W-128, W-127, W-126, W-149, W-146 09/06/2013 works Details
Rajshahi 29 NOA SRIIP See in the details Rajshahi_29_NOA_SRIIP 05/08/2013 works Details
Rajshahi NOA Total no.of NOA: 6 IFT No. 14/2013-14 27/02/2014 works Details
Rajshahi At a Glance
Area: 2407km2
Upazila Road: 863.96 km
Union Road: 638.94Km
Village Road: 2773.66Km VA
1888.54Km VB
Population: 2,595,197(census 2011)
Density: 1100/skmKm2
Literacy: 30.61%
No. of Upazila: 9
No. of Union: 71
No. of Pourashava: 14
No. of Primary School: 911
No. of High School: 245
No. of College: 63
Procurment, Rajshahi