LGED, Bogura, Notification of Award

Project/District/Unit Title Description Agriment Date Tender No Type Deatils
Bogra, Nandigram See in the File Package No: W1.0516, W1.0517, W1.0518, W2.0265 24/09/2012 works Details
Bogra NOA W16, W17, W38 See in the details package: W-016, W-017, W-038 04/06/2013 works Details
Bogra Nandigram NOA See in the details W2.3228, W2.3230 13/02/2014 works Details
Bogra Sherpur NOA M/S Mina Traders (JV) W2.3234 16/02/2014 works Details
Bogra Nandigram NOA M/S. Kabir Traders Package No. PWA-UZC-Nandigram-213 01/04/2014 works Details
Bogra NOA Total no of NOA: 4 W-152, W-153, W-158, W-159 20/07/2014 works Details
Bogra NOA W-121 M/S. S.A. Construction W-121 15/10/2014 works Details
Bogra NOA WS-201 Mir Shariful Alam & M/S. Islam Enterprise (JV) WS-201 10/06/2015 works Details
Bogra NOA GCM-184 M/S. Firoz Construction GCM-184 21/06/2015 works Details
Bogra NOA GCM-183 M/S. Firoz Construction Bogra NOA GCM-183 05/08/2015 works Details
Bogura At a Glance
Area: 2919km2
Upazila Road: 1039.21 km
Union Road: 1173.99Km
Village Road: 2326.51Km VA
2296.35Km VB
Population: 3400874
Density: 1200Km2
Literacy: 28.4
No. of Upazila: 12
No. of Union: 109
No. of Pourashava: 12
No. of Primary School: 227
No. of High School: 376
No. of College: 40
Procurment, Bogura