Haor Flood Management and Livelihood Improvement Project (LGED Part) (2nd Revised)


The Project comprises of the following components:

Component 1: Rural Infrastructure Development  

Component 2: Fishery Promotion  

Target for Rural Infrastructure & fishery promotion




Component 1: Rural Infrastructure Development 

Upgrading of rural road

Total Road

416.84 km

Upazila Road

121.13 km

Union Road

157.69 km

Village Road

136.38 km


780 m


860 m

Rehabilitation of roads (Maintenance)

Existing roads

200 km

During  Construction

320 km

Growth centers and rural markets (Hat)

(GOB  portion)

22 nos

Boat landing Facilities (Ghats)

(GOB portion)

24 nos

Component 2: Fishery Promotion 

Screening of Beel.


5  districts

Development of beel System


150  beels

Resource Mapping and Identification of  Resources


29 subproject of BWDB in Haor

Professional Documentation /Mapping/printing


29 units

Leasing process & Group Formation 


150  beel User Group (BUG)

Beel Development for Habitat Restoration , Establishment  of fish Sanctuary, Swamp forestry etc.


150  beels

Beel Connectivity (Khal Excavation)


210 km

Consultation Meetings with GOs and NGOs


15 units

Workshops on need-based subjects



Alternative Income generating activity

Fish Net pen culture

10 units

Fish cage culture (Small)

5 set

Fish cage culture (Big)

7 set

Backyard pond culture

20 groups

Daudkandi model aquaculture

2 units

Fish drying & Fermentation

10 sets

Fisheries Act Implementation

7 years

Compensatory alternative  livelihood Activities

4500 no

Third Party M&E/Knowledge Management


5 units

BUGs Auditing



Training of Beneficiaries

Net-pen fish culture

25 units

Fish cage culture    

25 units

Backyard pond aquaculture

25 units

Daudkandi model

10 units

Capacity building BUG

75 units

Fish drying & Fermentation

45 units

Exchange Visits for Experience Sharing


40 Batch

Seminars on Findings, New Ideas, and Results


30 units

Legal Support


6 years

At a Glance
Short Title: HFMLIP
Ministry: LGRD
Executing Agency: LGED
Approval Ref: ECNEC Division -1 , Ref. 20.00.0000. 411.14.043. 14-579 Date- 15.09.2014
Project Code: 224048200
Sector: Water
Status: Ongoing Investment Project
Funded By: GOB, JICA.
Budget: 88325.62 Lac
Start Date: Jul-2014
Completion Date: Jun-2023
Name of PD: Md Rayhan Shiddique