Construction of Union Parishad Complex Bhaban Project (UCCP-2) (Phase-2)

Project Implementation Strategy

The data received from different Upazillas and Projects of LGED total number of Union Parishad throughout the country is 4549 nos. Out of which 2600 nos of Union Parishad Complex Bhaban have been completed. Construction of 402nos of UPs is running under the Projects of LGED/LGD

Construction of Union Parishad Complex(2nd revised) Project/UCCP (2nd Rev.) has been completed on 30th June, 2011. Total 1900 nos of UPs were sanctioned for implementation under this project. Out of which 1478 nos. of UPs Completed, 246 Nos. partially completed & 176 nos. of UPs could not started implementation due to un-availability of required land, court case, site problem and other problems that encountered during implementation. The partially completed 246 nos. UPs and unimplemented 176nos of UPs have proposed to be implemented under `Construction of Union Parishad Complex Bhaban Project(Phase-2)/ UCCP(Phase-2) .

The remaining 1680nos of UPs of the country and unimplemented 176 nos. UPs, 246 nos. partially completed UPs of UCCP(2nd Rev.) project have been proposed to be implemented under the “Construction of Union Parishad Complex Bhaban Project(Phase-2) /UCCP(Phase-2)”.

The partially completed 246 UPs of UCCP (2nd Rev) project will be completed by the engaged contractors and all due payments will be made from the proposed project. In UCCP(2nd Rev.) Project 49Nos of 100% completed UP complex bhaban could not make final payments due to shortage of required fund will make payments under the UCCP(Phase-2) Project.

A Ministry level progress review meeting held on .01.07.08 decided that the UPs included under Construction of Union Parishad Complex Project(2nd revised) if not completed within the project period, be included under a new Project to be taken up to complete all remaining Union Parishads of the country. In such cases payment of civil works completed under the 2nd revised project will be made from that project and remaining portion will be spend from the follow on project.

The commencement date of the Construction of Union Parishad Complex Bhaban Project (Phase-2) is 1st July, 2011.

Construction of Union Parishad Complex Bhaban has Proposed to be constructed under the “Construction of Union Parishad Complex Bhaban (2nd Phase)” project is as follows:-

Remaining UPs throughout the country               =  1680 Nos

Un-constructed UPs of UCCP-2nd revised Project=   176 Nos

Partially Completed UPs of UCCP-2nd Rev.”        =    246 Nos

Payments of 100% Completed UPs                     =      49 Nos

As per decision of the PEC meeting held on 15.09.2011 under the chairmanship of the member, agriculture, water resources and rural institution, Planning Commission the following nos. of UPs will be constructed under the UCCP(Phase-2) Projects:-

New UPs to be implemented out of 1680nos

throughout the country                                               =    700 Nos

Un-constructed UPs of UCCP-2ndrevised Project         =   176 Nos

Partially Completed UPs of UCCP-2nd Rev.”                =    246 Nos

Payments of 100% Completed UPs                            =      49 Nos

The Selection criteria of Union Parishad for implementation under the Project: As per decision of the PEC meeting, 876 Nos(700+176) union Parishad out of remaining union Parishad and newly constitute union parishads throughout the country after getting administrative approval from the Local Government Division followed by availability of required land, recommendation of local & public representatives, Union Parishad Bhaban in dilapidated conditions will get priority. Also union parishads sanctioned/listed under different project of LGED but could not started works would follow the above criteria and to be implemented under the project.

The constructed UP Complex Bhaban will have positive contribution towards the followings:

i)  Office accommodation for the elected representatives and the officials of the Union Parishad.

ii) Office accommodation for the officials of various development agencies posted at the Union/field level

iii)  Close interaction between the Union Parishad Chairman/Members and the union/field level official of various agencies.

iv) Venue for joint meeting of the Union Parishad Chairman/Members, NGO/CBO workers, community, representatives and officials of development agencies.

v)  Facility for joint planning, implementation and monitoring of local level development activities.

vi) Facility for participatory workshops seminars,

 information sessions etc.

vii) Facility for social gathering/meetings.

viii) Availability of all types of services in one location.

x)Display/exhibition center as and when required.
At a Glance
Short Title: UCCP-2
Ministry: LGRD
Executing Agency: LGED
Approval Ref: 17 January, 2012.
Project Code: 7800
Sector: Rural
Status: Ongoing Investment Project
Funded By: GOB.
Budget: 90560.00 Lac
Start Date: Jul-2011
Completion Date: Jun-2020
Name of PD: Md. Azharul Islam