Small Scale Water Resources Development Project (Phase-2) (SSWRDP-JICA-2)


(i)        Protect agricultural production from early floods,heavy rainfall;

(ii)      Createirrigation facilities in drought, insufficient rain fall in dry season andincrease irrigated land and thereby increase crop production;

(iii)      Reduce crop production cost by providingagricultural equipment;

(iv)      Improve access to markets and strengtheningvalue chains;

(v)       Developand strengthen WMCAs for sustainable O & M and thereby make the subprojectmore beneficial;

(vi)      Awarefarmers about scarce water resources and its effective use and management;

(vii)    Createemployment opportunity among rural poor:

(viii)   Enhanceaccess of the landless poor to scarce natural resources and create employmentopportunity among rural poor:

(ix)      EnhanceIncome Generation Activities like seed storing, sewing embroidery, live-stockand poultry farming etc.

(x)       Increaseincomes and food security with increased economic off-farm activities as well;and

(xi)      Promotegender equality and empowerment of women through their involvement in projectactivities;

At a Glance
Short Title: SSWRDP-JICA-2
Ministry: LGRD
Executing Agency: LGED
Approval Ref: 20.00.0000.412.06. 026.17-134 ; 16/11/2017
Project Code: 224147000
Sector: Water
Status: Ongoing Investment Project
Funded By: GOB, JICA.
Budget: 128596.31
Start Date: Oct-2017
Completion Date: Dec-2023
Name of PD: Abu Syed Md. Shahedur Rahim