Small Scale Water Resources Development Project (Phase-2) (SSWRDP-JICA-2)

Project Documents

Sl. Title Download
1 Chicken & Duck rearing training module
2 Env Manual for WMCA level
3 Fish Program Mgt Training Manual
4 Fish Train manual for Women final
5 Goat farming Manual
6 Hydrulic design & drawing Training Manual
7 Micro Credit for WMCA Guideline final
8 Orientation to OC Final
9 Sub_Project Construction Comittee
10 Training document of Bye-Law
11 Training on Leadership Empowerment, and Deasission making
12 Letter of Water Resource Ministry
13 Letter of BRRI
14 Letter of ASED
15 PM order for Water Sector
16 Feasibility Study
17 Environmental Resulation
18 Environmental Clearance
19 G8. O&M Guidelines
20 Gender Training module for WMCA Final
21 Sustanable Agriculture Management Guideline2
22 Sustanable Agriculture Management Guideline1
23 All Water Sector Project Status
24 Latest Enhancement (GOB part)SP_Monitoring sheet (June-2019)
25 Latest of Additional SP_Monitoring sheet (June-2019)
26 Latest of New SP_Monitoring sheet (June-2019)
27 Subproject List by district (27 district)
28 Subproject List with Component by district (29 district)
29 Subproject List with Component by district (All)
30 Subproject List by district (All)
31 Exhibit G7-A.1 Standard Tender Document Template (value up to 30 million)
32 Exhibit G7-A.2 Standard Tender Document Template (value above 30 million)
33 G1 Policy and Development Process
34 G2 Identification of Subproject
35 G3 PRA of Subproject
36 G4 Annex G4-IA Engg Annex of Subproject
37 G4 Annex G4-IB Engg Annex of Subproject (CAD)
38 G4 Feasibility Study of Subproject
39 G5 Environmental Assessment of Subproject
40 G6 Detailed Design of SP Structure
41 G6 Exhibit G6-L Criteria and Design of CAD
42 G7 Construction of SP Structure
43 G9 Monitoring and Evaluation
44 G10 Integrated Rural Development Plan
45 All Subproject List of SSW with Component Details
46 Subproject List (Individual by Project)
47 Subprojects List (Combine by District)
At a Glance
Short Title: SSWRDP-JICA-2
Ministry: LGRD
Executing Agency: LGED
Approval Ref: 20.00.0000.412.06. 026.17-134 ; 16/11/2017
Project Code: 224147000
Sector: Water
Status: Ongoing Investment Project
Funded By: GOB, JICA.
Budget: 128596.31
Start Date: Oct-2017
Completion Date: Dec-2023
Name of PD: Abu Syed Md. Shahedur Rahim