Important Rural Infrastructure Development Project on Priority Basis (IRIDP-2)

Project Implementation Strategy

The Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) will implement the project. The Project will be implemented by a suitably staffed project coordination office (PCO),to be established by LGED at its headquarters in Dhaka. A full time Project Director, based at Dhaka, will head of the PCO. The Project Director, will be responsible for the overall project  implementation and coordination and will report to the Chief  Engineer of LGED. Besides, survey & investigation, structure designs services will be outsourced to assist the PCO in preparing the engineering designs and estimates of bridge and critical road protective works under the project including implementation of the project.

The District level Executive Engineer, LGED of the district will be responsible for   implementing all the physical programmed of the project at the district level under the guidance of the Project Director for the project.

Superintending Engineer at the regions will have a supervisory role over the project. He will monitor the progress as well as quality of the project work. The Superintending Engineer (PM&E) will coordinate the project activities, inspections, project evaluation on behalf of  Additional Chief Engineer (Implementation)at LGED HQ.

At a Glance
Short Title: IRIDP-2
Ministry: LGRD
Executing Agency: LGED
Approval Ref: 20.00.0000.412. 06.061.15-74
Project Code: 5143
Sector: Rural
Status: Ongoing Investment Project
Funded By:
Budget: 607644.00
Start Date: Jul-2015
Completion Date: Jun-2021
Name of PD: Md. Shafiqur Rahman